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Monday, January 21st 2013

12:54 AM

Book Review: A Love Story, A Murder Mystery, A Work Ethic

Full Disclosure, by Dee Henderson, is a deep story with many layers of surprises.  The case loads of a FBI Special Agent and the Midwest Homicide Investigator intersect, and put their lives on a parallel course.  As they race against time and fading evidence, Paul Falcon and Ann Silver peel back the layers of crime that takes them down unexpected paths.  Dee uses detective work to carve out the details of an unsolved mystery.  Her characters bring a ring of authenticity to their occupations and relationships.  And the intricate details needed in police work piece together a puzzle of criminal activity that has eluded law enforcement for years.  Will Paul and Ann overcome the mysteries between them as well?

Amazing to me, is the ability Dee has to weave multiple stories within one volume.  Not only does she fully develop believable characters, but Dee seizes the opportunity to create teachable moments.  In this tome, her characters model the deep thinking needed to invest in dating relationships.  They work through common sense approaches to personality differences, relational boundaries and loyalty to friends.  And conversations turn into examples of dialogue between friends who trust each others’ opinions.

I am never disappointed when I pick up a Dee Henderson novel, but this one is especially intriguing with the way she pulls in characters from other finished works and weaves their lives together.  And at times, I wonder if some of the principle character is slices of Dee herself, through references to the life and quirks of an author.  Will we figure out the ending ahead of time?  Hardly, for the twists in this story will keep you guessing; you’ll have to get a copy for yourself!


Disclaimer:  I received this book as a giveaway from The Book Club Network.

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