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Friday, May 3rd 2013

11:56 PM

She Calls Me GreeMaw

I watched the sigh of sleep lift her little chest. Tuckered out from our walk, my granddaughter slumbered away in her stroller. The breeze tossed a soft curl across her nose and she lifted her hand absently to brush it aside, but dropped it midair. Evidently sleep was more important than a tickled nose.

“Lord, How do we make a difference in her little life?” I asked, glancing toward the sky. The blue hues stood out more vibrant with the absence of clouds. I didn’t sense any particular answer. What does a little girl need, really? Fresh air, sunshine, plenty of hugs and kisses, food and rest. She’ll need boundaries as she grows older, safety and an understanding of right from wrong. She’ll need to know she’s loved, even on the days when I become cross with her for stomping her foot at me, or telling me “no.”

Am I so different in my needs? Sure, I have a few years head start on her, but I am a lot like my granddaughter. I need fresh air, sunshine, plenty of hugs and kisses, food and rest. I need boundaries as I age, safety and an understanding of right from wrong. I need to know I’m loved, even on the days when the Lord disciplines me for stomping my foot at Him, or for telling Him “no.”

“Lord, You alone are my portion and my cup;
You make my lot secure.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
surely I have a delightful inheritance.
I will praise the Lord, who counsels me;
even at night my heart instructs me.” Psalm 16:5-7 NIV

I am thankful for my heavenly Father who is walking through life with me. Sometimes I fall asleep on the job, but He’s still watching over me, protective and caring.

"You, Lord, are all I want!
You are my choice,
and you keep me safe.
You make my life pleasant,
and my future is bright.

“I praise you, Lord,
for being my guide.
Even in the darkest night,
Your teachings fill my mind.” Psalm 16:5-7 CEV


Yes, the night is dark. But He is with me and I have everything I need.  


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She Calls Me GreeMaw
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