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Friday, March 23rd 2007

8:13 AM

Finding Comfort in God

I am fascinated by Hannah Whitall Smith.  In The God of All Comfort she says the many names of God explain who He is.  "They reveal some of His special characteristics...  These names were discovered by God's people in times of sore need." (p. 79)  If I am to find purpose in suffering, then it would be in discovering more about God's ability to meet me at my point of need.  Struggles will never be won in my own power.  Creative break-throughs will never come because of my own genius.  Only as I rely on God's vast supply for my every need, will I discover more of who He is.

What do you need today?  Hope?  Wisdom?  Comfort?  Get out your Bible and turn to the Concordance in the back.  Look up those words and more.  Let God reveal Himself to you today through the pages of His Word.  Let Him be your Healer, Shelter and Rock!

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Posted by Pam Caprino:

It's only when you are really looking that you will definitely find what you need in the Bible. The Word of God becomes real, 'speaking' to the one who is 'listening', Friend to friend, Father to child. Those written words become so alive, not letters on a page, but meaningful messages from God, Himself!
Monday, April 2nd 2007 @ 4:40 AM