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Friday, October 12th 2007

12:01 AM

Connected or Isolated?

Are you drawing close to people or becoming more self-sufficient?  Our society pushes for independence.  But some dependency is healthy.  We need to have people in our lives that will encourage and hold us accountable.  Pastor Rick Warren says that we are Better Together! 

At the Sandy Cove Christian Writers Conference, Craig von Buseck (www.vonbuseck.com) presented info about writing for the web.  He found a statistic from George Barna that said, “By 2010, 50 million will rely on the net for their religious food.”  

What will happen if people stop looking to the body of believers for help on their spiritual journey?  One of the things Craig mentioned was an inability to work out life together.  As personalities clash in the church family, we have the opportunity to flesh out what it means to love.  Just like any family, the church family also has times of conflict (gasp!).  But the process of working through those problems ultimately brings us closer together.  Then we find out what the church really should look like:  a living example of Christ’s love.

If you’ve experienced something less than that model, I am truly sorry.  But please don’t let that keep you from experiencing the joy of a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, people-serving church.  That’s where the connection begins!

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