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Wednesday, August 6th 2008

10:23 AM

Driver’s License

HE PASSED!  On the way home from the Road Test and from dropping Nate off at football conditioning, I started to realize what was happening.  I was going through a series of “lasts” and not even realizing it!  That was the last time to drive him to practice.  The last time to carry on a conversation in the van about his day.  The last time to give him play by play directions to the destination point.  Maybe the last time to drive him to youth activities.

How does a parent learn to let go?  I’ve heard that it is a process we begin the day they are born.  We let go with a series of “firsts.”  The first day with a babysitter.  The first day of school.  The first sleepover.

So it is with life.  Endings become new beginnings and we step into a new chapter of life.  One day at a time.


2 user comments.

Posted by Sally Ferguson:

Parental Growing Pains is a good description of the changes. We somehow think we'll breeze right through those steps, but then realize they are hard for us too! It helps to know that others experience that "trama" too.
Sunday, August 10th 2008 @ 2:12 PM

Posted by birdbits:

Oh it is sooo true , so hard , to let go of our children. I can remember the first times with my only child (which is 25 now and still my baby :)) The first day of school... was really hard for me as I recall :-(. I like to call these bitter-sweet experiences "parental growing pains":)
Sunday, August 10th 2008 @ 11:51 AM