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Tuesday, November 25th 2008

3:27 PM

Is it okay to take time for myself?

Moms have a great capacity for giving to others.  We get into that mode of taking care of our families and never seem to come out from under that mountain.  Dishes, laundry, meal preparation, grocery shopping, household maintenance, school schedules, activities, health issues … where does it end?  If you have little ones, then add diapers and toddler-safety to that list!

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the Gerry MOPS meeting.  One item that kept resurfacing was the need for time.  We all have the currency of 24 hours to spend each day but some seem savvier in saving the minutes!  That’s where it’s helpful to know ways to take shortcuts with meals or cleaning or…  We tend to make things more complicated when we want them to be perfect.  What’s perfection anyway?  Webster’s Dictionary says, “freedom from fault or defect:  flawlessness.”

Why are we so worried about letting other people see that we have flaws?  You do have flaws, don’t you?  Aren’t flaws what make us human?  Isn’t humanness what makes us approachable?  If we were to let go of the need for perfection in our lives, would that give us more time in our day?  Time to sit down and play with the kids?  Time to connect with the Lord?  Time to rekindle our creativity and pursue those hobbies that once brought joy and relieved stress in our lives?

Let today be the day you’ll take a personal retreat.  Whether it’s for 15 minutes or one hour, do something for you, Mom.  You need a Time-Out too!


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