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Tuesday, May 19th 2009

11:59 PM

Fundraisers, Concerts, and The Lawn Social

The school was all abuzz tonight.  Smiles were everywhere.  The Spanish Club brought in baked goods, and sold Tom’s BBQ Chicken.  Other clubs sold cotton candy, bottled drinks, ice cream and more.  Even though my teens wouldn’t dream of hanging out with their mom, they were polite and came to see me a couple of times (for money to spend on the food and games     ).  It was a pleasant nite of visiting with other parents.

The Art Dept displayed the latest masterpieces; the Home & Careers classes brought out their works in progress, and the Music Dept had concerts for parents to observe.

And, here we are, almost to the end of another school year.

Will Nate’s senior year go by this fast?  Will I blink and miss Anna’s sophomore year? 

People say that life slows down immensely when you’re no longer a Taxi Mom and the kids head off to college.  It’s hard to imagine that stage of life right now; everybody’s low on sleep & short on patience.

But that’s what I thought when they were babies…seemed like we would never leave the diaper stage!  And yet, here they are in high school.

Have they learned the tools they’ll need to function as adults?  Has their self-esteem been established on a firm foundation?  Will they survive on their own in the world?

A mom can do more than hope.  I can pray…for wisdom, discernment, protection…

My kids have come so far in the short span of their lives.  And I know the Lord is not finished with any of us yet.  He will continue to equip all of us for our tomorrows.  We just have to live one day at a time and revel in His Goodness.  When I lay my head down on the pillow tonight, I can rest assured that The Lord will shelter us in the palm of His gentle hand.  Praise His Name!


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