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Tuesday, March 1st 2011

1:52 PM

Talking to God

Do you struggle with how to approach God?  Prayer has been harder for me since Mom died.  She was one of my biggest cheerleaders, and her death left a vast chasm in my heart.

David felt desperate too, when he was on the run from Saul.  Yet he continued to trust the Lord’s purposes in spite of his circumstances.  Psalm 57 spills out his heart’s cry.

We make prayer far too complicated!  God just wants to spend time with us.  He’s not looking for a formal treatise!  Here are some tips for planning your daily retreats with God:

  • Talk to Him while doing dishes… Lord, thank You for the food You provide.  May it nourish us to serve You.
  • Talk to Him while folding laundry… Lord, thank You for the feet that will slip into these socks.  Guide their path to help someone today.
  • Talk to Him while driving… Lord, thank You for other drivers on the road.  Calm those who are rushing and soothe those who carry burdens.
  • Talk to Him before you answer your phone… Lord, thank You for the opportunity to speak kindness into someone else’s life.  Grant me wisdom for every conversation.
  • Talk to Him when you open His Word…  Lord, thank You for the inspiration of Your Holy Spirit.  Open my mind and heart that I might be receptive to what You have to say.
  • Talk to Him through singing… Lord, thank You for melodies that encourage, and music that speaks to the deep places in my soul.

Let the things you’re doing draw out the conversation.  It will become a sanctuary for you and the Lord!



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