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Monday, October 10th 2011

9:43 PM

How Authentic Are You?

Anita C. Lee tackles that question in her book, The Authentic You.  She challenges us gals to become “the woman you were created to be.”  Anita says, “We can never be fully at peace with ourselves if we don’t come to terms with who we are and who God has created us to be.”  (p. xv)  Then she goes on to lay out examples and action steps to lead the journey of self-examination to find that authenticity tucked deep inside.

Anita’s thorough research of self-esteem, growth and circumstances inspired me to take another look at my daily priorities and how they affect my long-range goals.  She says when we take on jobs that are not the right ones for our creative energy, “that puts at least two people in the wrong place-me and the person who really should be in that position.” (p. 35)  It was a good punch in the arm for me; I tend to jump into everything instead of focusing on a few things.

A surprise addition to the book, was the inclusion of a chapter on forgiveness.  Yet it makes perfect sense that a woman who is masked by bitterness cannot be real in her relationships.

I don’t recommend this book to people who are content with their lives.  However, if you have been feeling restless about where you are headed, Anita gives important tips to making decisions, facing the fear of change, and learning to dream God-sized dreams.  We can all learn from Anita’s call to authenticity!



Disclaimer:  I received this book as a giveaway from Karen Power at www.christianspeakersservices.com




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