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Thursday, November 17th 2011

1:15 AM

Delightful Books!

Set in run down neighborhoods of St. Augustine, Florida, an unexpected messenger from God sets out to correct the ills of society.  By becoming an advocate for drug addicts who are trying to get off of the street, Allison Chamberlain finds herself on both sides of the law. 

Unexpected Dismounts, by Nancy Rue, tackles unusual plot themes of bikers, prostitutes, adoption, and Nudges from God.  Wrap those themes up in street lingo and biker slang, and you’ve got an education coming that puts you right in the middle of a different world.  Although a work of fiction, Rue’s characters were so consistent, they took on a life of their own.  The point of view came from Allison’s own questions about people and their motives.  And the emotions of doubt, fear and mistrust toward people and God were real-life snippets of our own tug-of-war with faith.  I came away from the book feeling a kinship to people for whom I had not previously been able to relate.  And it was refreshing to watch someone stretch in her understanding of God and His desire for her place in the world.

If you pick up this book in the middle of the trilogy, like I did, you may have difficulty following the characters at the beginning.  But hang on; it doesn’t take long to rev up the action to a great read!


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