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Friday, November 9th 2012

10:24 AM

Book Review: A Heartbeat Away


Surgeon and author Harry Kraus has created a captivating tale of suspense surrounding the death of one who enables life for another.

When aggressive professional Dr. Tori Taylor receives a heart transplant, everything in her world shifts.  She begins to experience compassion, feelings and need for others that she had not previously known.  But that’s not all; Dr. Taylor becomes aware of memories that implicate her as an eye-witness to a murder.

Kraus has masterfully woven details of the medical profession together with detective work.  His insight into clinical issues lends an authenticity to the backdrop of hospital procedures entangled in red tape.  The urgency of Dr. Taylor’s health crisis and the clues to an unsolved murder intermingle to provide a convincing lead into complicated relationships. Dr. Taylor finds herself in a race to find answers before death threats on her own life are carried out.  Will Dr. Taylor learn to follow her heart?  Find out, in A Heartbeat Away.

I would recommend this book in a heartbeat! 


Disclaimer:  I received this book as a giveaway from The Book Club Network. 

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