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Wednesday, March 11th 2009

10:06 AM

Do your kids like to take medicine?

The throat spray sits waiting on the kitchen table.  I guess it could be a good ornament.  It could be decorated with seasonal napkins or doll clothes.  I mean, really, if no one is going to use it, why not doll it up a little?

Have you ever thought about how God’s Word works?  If it sits on the table, it looks good.  But does it do me any good?  It has to be ingested for it to be applied to my illnesses.  Pride, selfishness and self-reliance will continue to plague me as long as the medicine stays in the Book.  Jesus said  He came to bring us life.  That’s the kind of medicine I desperately need!


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Posted by birdbits:

Amen! This is soooo true, and your words are very inspirational!:)
Friday, March 13th 2009 @ 12:59 PM